Warhammer Underworlds is coming very soon and already we have seen two of the new factions coming in a box set designed to bring new players into the fold. Dreadfane.

The new announcement will be coming July 20th here

Additional possible rumors.

via 75hastings69 over on War of Sigmar

I did hear some time back there were maybe 10 warbands this season (although I think 2 are from dreadfane as they were SE & NH), the others were (IIRC) DoK, Ogrurrrs (specifically 1 hunter and 1 or 2 animals), Wanderers, FeC (or might have been free peoples I can't remember), Seraphon, Slaanesh, Nurgle and another skaven. I myself would have liked Idoneth but this is a pretty nice mix of stuff, and at least no more Khorne or excessive SE.

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