The Next Update for The Genesys Project: Creating Biests

While Biests are not the second or even the third Domain presented in the book, they are perhaps the most closely related to Humanoids with distinct differences on how they are created and sometimes even how they play.

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Biests are wild and unpredictable. Instead of relying upon equipment, Biests have more powerful Starting Characteristics and rely upon them much more than Humanoids. While the Biests have a good access to weapons in some cases, they also have access to Natural Weapons and Defenses.

Biestial Kingdoms are where the Biest player starts. These Kingdoms are based upon the type of animal they are drawn from. There are the Ursidae (Bear), Avians (Birds), Canis Lupis (Wolf) and many more. Each of these Kingdoms have their own selection of traits and, even more noticeably, their own sets of Starting Characteristics.

The Biestial Kindoms include the following Kingdoms
·         Ursidae - Bear
·         Canus Lupis - Wolf
·         Avian Aves - Bird
·         Bor - Boar
·         Ovis - Goat/Ram
·         Taurus - Bull
·         Feline - Cats
·         Vermin - Rats
·         Caballis - Horse
·         Ichthys – Fish

As each Biestial Kingdom starts with their characteristics being higher than most other Domains, Biests have a point cost tied to their Biestial Kingdom. However, you can create a generic Biest as well that starts at 0 points, like humanoids, but the with none of the benefits of the Biestial Kingdoms.
Customizing Your Biestial Kingdoms is possible as well with Affinity Traits. These traits allow you to take Regional Traits and add them to your Biestial Kingdom. In this way, your Biestial Kingdom can be customized to match the animal type you like while making selected Increases stack within your Kingdom. An example would include adding the icy Tundra or dark Cavern Traits to Ursidae (Bear) Kingdom).

There are several types of Regional Traits available to Biestial Kingdoms. While only the traits selected as affinities will stack directly with Biestial Kingdoms Traits, Regional Traits allow you to add variation new abilities to your faction and classes.
Regional Trait categories include
·         Caverns
·         Desert
·         Forests
·         Marsh
·         Mountains
·         Moon
·         Oceans
·         Plains
·         Sky
·         Tundra

Beyond the Regional traits the Biests have access to a lesser degree of traits than the Humanoids (although in total they are similar) in the following categories,
1.       Genetic Mutation
2.       Environmental Adaptation
3.       Spiritual and Scientific Knowledge

The Biests also delve into the Occult and Shamanism, both pulling upon powers and abilities from the Fey Domain. Their powers have an increased difficulty when it comes to channeling and their mortal thresholds than the other domains, but their powers are as strong and wild as they are.

It also can’t be missed that of all the domains, the Biests can create the most Monsters as part of their faction. No other faction can create them to be a part of their domain as easily as the Biests.

Next Up: Primer: Creating Insekts

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