The Genesys Project Kickstarter went live earlier today and along with it a free downloadable preview of the rules for creating a Humanoid Faction. The preview itself is actually quite sizeable and flexible giving you a good look into the depth and details of creating our own faction within the Genesys Project.

Some of the more interesting portions in here is taking a look at some Evolutionary Branches that contain "cross domain traits" This includes Feyborn and the Feral which can unlock traits within the the other domains

Feyborn= Traits from the Fey
Feral-= Traits from the Biests

The best part is that in reality is that during faction building you can even take traits from both of these branches creating Feral Humanoids with Fey ancestry.

Going a step further.... you can take traits leading your faction or a certain class within your faction into Therianthropy.

Lets take a look at a couple of these traits, including Therianthropy. Lets dig up just this alone to really dig into the depths and options are possible.

Make certain if you wish to preview these rules even further, you can download them here
Kickstarter Preview Rules

Support the Project here

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