There is a lot going live today to pre-orders including new Start Collecting sets for 40k, the Sylvaneth Battletome and much more.

The Entire List can be found here.

Start Collecting! Primaris Space Wolves £60

Save money when you start your army
A key selection of Space Wolves Primaris units
14 multipart plastic miniatures

Start Collecting! Thousand Sons £60

Save money when you start your army
A key selection of Thousand Sons units, including Ahriman, the Arch-Sorcerer of Tzeentch!
21 multipart plastic miniatures

Spiritseer £17.50

A powerful Aeldari psyker
An HQ choice for the Asuryani and Ynnari factions
Guides the aim of nearby Spirit Host units

Adeptus Titanicus Acastus Knights Porphyrion £30

Heavily armed and armoured Knights that can devastate foes with powerful weapons
Beautifully detailed miniatures for use in games of Adeptus Titanicus
Adds a new option for supporting your Titan maniples

Battletome: Sylvaneth £25

Harness the allegiance abilities of your Sylvaneth.
Discover the history of the Mortal Realms' ancient protectors.
Get painting and collecting tips for your army.

Endless Spells: Sylvaneth £22.50

Harness powerful Sylvaneth-only endless spells.
Devastate your enemies…
…or heal and support your own units.
Athelorn Avengers £22.50

Why choose between style and atavistic savagery when you can have both?
Dynamic poses perfectly capture the whirlwind of speed and agility
A full complement of Wardancers, Throwers, Catchers, and Line Elves

Scouring of The Shire™ £22

Recreate a series of iconic battles pitting Saruman the White – or Sharkey, as he became known – against the Hobbits of the Shire.
Explore the rich history and background of the Shire to see what’s at stake in this conflict.
Learn everything you need to know to field an entire army of diminutive but brave Hobbits.
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