The best equipment and best weapons... The Enforcers are ready to go.

via the Warhammer Community
Want to join the Palanite Enforcers and bring the justice of Lord Helmawr to the underhive? Well rookie, just because you’ve graduated the academy doesn’t mean that you’re ready to hit the streets yet – you need to read our Palanite Enforcer guide first!

Nothing But the Best

As a Palanite Enforcer, you’ll have access to the best equipment in the underhive – even a Rookie like you will be issued with flak armour and an armoured undersuit as standard. You’re also guaranteed a steady supply of weapons and ammunition, which means that your guns, such as the enforcer boltgun, are less likely to fail ammo checks than the standard underhive equivalent.

No Limits

To use the finest weapons, you need the best people, which is why we’ve spent years moulding you at the academy. Every member of your patrol is able to use any weapon, meaning that unlike the gangs you’ll face, there are no restrictions on Special or Heavy Weapons. This means that you could be assigned to a dedicated sniper team, demolition crew or a regular kill/capture squad.

Palanite Captain

Your Captain isn’t some penpusher who takes away your gun and badge because you’re a loose cannon. No, their desk is the streets, where they use their extensive experience and skills to command a patrol. You don’t earn the spiderseal of a Palanite Captain by not being good at, well, everything – if you work hard and meet your suppression quotas, this could be you one day.

Skills to Make the Kills

Your patrol has been through years of rigorous training, which has given them – and, in time, you – access to an exclusive set of skills. It includes things like Got Your Six, which allows your partner to shoot an enemy that is trying to Charge you.
You’ll find that your patrol is more flexible than any underhive gang, just as good in a punch-up as they are in a firefight. With the finest range of equipment available, your Captain will ensure that you have the right tool for any job.

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