The Genesys Project Update #10

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Humanoids are the first Domain presented in The Birth of Genesys and, if our playtesting is anything to go by, one of the most popular. Rightly so as they include not just humans, but Giants, Dwarves, and Elves and a myriad of other variants that give Humanoids very flexible builds.

Weapons and Equipment is where the Humanoids push the limits. From Pikes, Mounts, Heavy Armor, Military Weapons, and more, no Domain has the number of specialized and advanced equipment as the Humanoids do.

Dwarfism, Gigantism, and Fey Born are just the tip of the iceberg for Humanoid variants. Let’s dive in and see what variants are possible, but before we do realize that you are not limited to just a single variant. You can cross them up how you see fit. This means your can take more than one variant, or even save a variant as a class trait when you are creating your classes for an extremely varied and interesting Faction.

Each of these Evolutionary Branches comes with more than one way to build your variant. In the cases where you see Species Variant, this allows you to select an additional trait to customize your variant.

Dwarf - Dwarves are highly defensive in nature and granted a bonus to Defense as well as getting Species Variant.
Deep Dwarf - Able to see in the dark, these Deep Dwarves have bonuses to Willpower and are often adept at channeling powers.

Giant - Strong, tough and big. Giants also get Species Variant to really customize them further.
Ogre - Although dull witted, these big brutes gain bonuses to size and strength.

Goblyn - A Degenerative Trait* but allowing for additional movement and Species Variant.
Imp - A Degenerative Trait* as well but with increased willpower are able to take on magical powers.
*Degenerative Trait’s limit the number of Knowledge of Science Traits they know.

Aberrations - Able to choose Aberration increases to characteristics but they also come with a defect that lowers an opposite characteristic.
Troll - A Species Variant within the Deviant Branch increasing model size and strength. These vary considerably with the additional traits available in Deviants.

Fey Born
Fey Born - Have Species Variant and are able to select a bonus trait from the Fey Domain.
Descendant - Come with Species Variant and increased willpower creating often powerful casters.

Feral - Come with Species Variant and the ability to take traits from a Biestial Kingdom in the Biest Domain.
Orc - Increased Strength but with lower command on the field, they also come with Species Variant to customize your orc builds.
Wild - Freedom to run wild grants an Increase to Movement but are less disciplined than their other kin.

HUMANOID TRAITS - Evolutionary Branches
All Humanoids start with the same starting characteristics but can build upon them quickly or compensate for them with their weapons and equipment.
Traits come from three different areas with a good selection of Evolutionary Branches.
1.       Genetic Mutation
2.       Environmental Adaptation
3.       Knowledge and Science
Each section contains many Evolutionary Branches that contain both Primary and Secondary Traits. These spread out your traits as it is required to take a Primary Trait in order to unlock a Secondary Trait within the same Evolutionary Branch.

Humanoids generally select 4-8 traits to create their Faction with Unit Classes able to take additional traits.

Magical Powers: There are essentially two types of casting for Humanoids
·         Faith Magic which allows the caster to channel energies through religious followers
·         Arcane Magic which relies upon the caster using their own fortitude to channel magical powers, risking their toughness characteristics to forcibly use magic.
We will talk more on Magic Powers in a future primer!

Up Next: Primer: Creating Biests
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