Its time for some Kill Team. If you have not yet seen what is available with the latest Charity Summer Raffles you are missing out on some great opportunities to get some great miniatures and armies.
You don't need to be present, NOCF will ship the winners their miniatures!

NOCF Summer Raffles- 33 Raffles in All-

A Chaos Space Marine devoted to Nurgle takes on some of the Grandfather's blessings. They may become host to diseases that would kill a lesser mortal and begin to sport buboes and other signs of pox. Their armor and weapons may begin to rust and show signs of disrepair outside of the user's control, while still functioning effectively.

Plague Marines are the next step in the devotion. It means opening oneself to Nurgle wholly, taking on one of the plagues that are deadly even to a Space Marine. The body rots and dies, the armor fuses and swells. Organs turn to slopping offal, blood turns to bile and yet the Marine lives. In exchange for this, the Plague Marine is now notably tougher than a baseline Astartes, while being inured to pain due to the half-life they now live.

Join us in thanking Jonathon Elleker who donated this Kill Team through Chapter of Hope and is welcomed into the NOCF Artists’ Consortium this year.

Painted by Jonathon Elleker

11x Converted Zombie-Type Primaris Marines

Free Worldwide Shipping

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