Today the Warhammer Community is looking closely at the new terrain for Warcry. It looks like a good set with a lot of terrain that comes with the box set.

Lets see the latest. Warcry hits the shelves tomorrow!

via the Warhammer Community

1) It’s core to your battles.

Terrain is absolutely key to securing victory in Warcry, a “third player” in your games that’ll have a significant effect on how you play. The Ruined City from the Starter Set, for instance, contains two main levels on which to fight, while the Corpsewrack Mausoleum Ravaged Lands set is packed with fences and line of sight-blocking tombs that allow you to shield yourself from ranged attacks.
Movement in Warcry is designed to be incredibly flexible – your warbands are made up of individuals strong and acrobatic enough to leap, climb and dive from the scenery as they please. When you’re building your warbands, keep an eye out for high Move characteristics and the Fly runemark. The former allows you to swiftly close in on your enemies, while the latter gives you tremendous flexibility when moving, and both are just as useful to your battles as powerful attacks or indomitable durability.

2) It’s designed for gaming – at any size.

Warcry terrain is designed to be highly modular, so what might be the scattered remnants of a ruined township in one game can become a terrifying fortress of Chaos in the next! Cunning design allows you to quickly assemble ad-hoc battlefields based on your Battleplan Cards, while the terrain itself is highly customisable.
What’s more, Warcry terrain sets are a great way to build up a Warhammer Age of Sigmar gaming table. The boards in the Starter Set and Ravaged Lands set are double-sided and designed to interconnect for multiplayer battlefields, so are also perfectly sized for Meeting Engagements. With more Ravaged Lands sets on the way, you could have a full Warhammer Age of Sigmar battlefield before you know it!

3) It’s perfect for converters, tinkerers and city builders.

Of course, Warcry terrain isn’t just for Warcry – it’s perfect for modellers looking to bring the world of Warhammer Age of Sigmar to life. Tumbledown stones, spiked buttresses and stacked bricks lend a more gothic feel to your battlefields and are ideal for constructing buildings with a darker, gloomier feel for your battles. Perhaps you’re looking to build a recently restored outpost for your Cities of Sigmar army – or perhaps you could combine the kits with Skaven bitz to create a metropolis like Charkrik’s Folly or Blight City itself! We reckon it’d make a lovely Armies on Parade board at the very least.
Indeed, our very own master architect/mad genius Ray Dranfield (the man behind the Sector Imperialis sets, Stormvaults and countless other kits you probably own) specifically designed the new Warcry scenery to combine with the Azyrite Ruins set. Mixed together, these kits offer limitless possibilities for building structures in the Mortal Realms.

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