Here is the latest updates to the Banned and Restricted lists.

via the Warhammer Community
Dave: We’re really excited for the arrival of Warhammer Underworlds: Beastgrave! Ahead of Season 3, we want to make sure that you’re all enjoying your games of Warhammer Underworlds to their utmost in the meantime. We also want to encourage dynamic, fast-paced play where positioning and tactics are key, rather than sitting back and relying on sorcery to win the battle every time.
We’ve been keeping an eye on Organised Play events, and in the interest of keeping the game as balanced, competitive and fun as possible, we’re making an update to the Banned and Restricted List as of today.
The following cards have been added to the Restricted List:

Universal – Objectives

  • Burst of Speed (Power Unbound #25)
  • Warning Shot (Power Unbound #36)
  • Acolyte of the Katophranes (Nightvault #291)
  • Calculated Risk (Nightvault #302)
  • Sorcerous Scouring (Nightvault #371)

Universal – Gambits

  • Sorcerous Flourish (Power Unbound #46)
  • Upper Hand (Power Unbound #48)
  • Sphere of Aqshy (Nightvault #451)

Universal – Upgrades

  • Spiritbond (Power Unbound #57)
  • Archer’s Focus (Nightvault #476)
  • Well of Power (Nightvault #557)
We have not added any cards to the Banned List.

Thanks, Dave! You can download the updated Banned and Restricted List below.

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