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The Genesys Project: The Birth of Genesys

Combat in The Genesys Project is essentially approached the same way for both Ranged and Melee action. Here’s a quick rundown of the Combat process.

1. The Active Player activates a squad and moves into (or is already in) Melee combat or declares they are engaging in Ranged combat.

2. The Combat Situation determines which side, if any, has the advantage and gains a bonus to their dice rolls.

3. The Active Player declares targeted models and rolls to hit, resolving the attack against the models Target Number - either Martial Target Number (MTN), or Ranged Target Number (RTN).

4. Any models hit may then attempt to save against taking damage.

5. If this is Melee combat, the non-Active player now repeats steps 3 and 4 attacking and resolving their attacks.

Combat is very dynamic, with opposing sides always vying for the advantage over each other. This is represented in the Combat Situation, where Enhancements are totaled and compared to your opponent’s Enhancements. The player with the highest total Enhancements gains the difference between the two as a bonus to their die rolls in the combat.

Remember that Enhancements are in-game bonuses

For example: You activate a squad of yours and charge them into an enemy squad. Your opponent quickly totals up his Enhancements generally ranging from 0-4. He calculates he has a total of +2 Enhancements. You total up yours and find you have +4 Enhancements, which grants you an Advantage of 2. The result is you gain a +2 to your die rolls for the combat. 

Types of Enhancements: 

NOTE: In Melee combat you must decide between offensive or defensive Enhancements. Offensive directs your bonuses to your rolls to hit, while defensive applies them to saves against hits.

The Maximum Age bonus for the 1st Age of The Genesys Project is 4, capping your Enhancements to 4.

Melee combat - Uses the attackers Martial characteristic + Combat Advantage (if any)

[Martial + Combat Advantage] + d6 VS target’s Martial Target Number (MTN)
If the die roll equals or beats the MTN, the target is hit.
The Attacker’s total equals the Combat Resolution Number (CRN)

Ranged combat - Uses the attackers Ranged characteristic+ Combat Advantage (if any)

[Ranged +Combat Advantage] + d6 VS target’s Ranged Target Number (RTN)
If the die roll equals or beats the RTN, the target is hit.
The Attacker’s total equals the Combat Resolution Number (CRN)

When hit, you must now determine if the attack wounds, and possibly kills, its target. The player with the model being hit now gets a chance to save from taking damage.

[Toughness + Combat Advantage] +d6 VS the Combat Resolution Number (CRN)

If the die roll equals or beats the CRN, the model takes no wound.

If it is not possible to make a save, the result is a critical hit - no save is allowed, and additional damage is often the result.

Do you have any questions about these points? Feel free to ask them below.
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