The Mechanicum Knight Moirax is up for pre-orders now from Forgeworld. This is right on the heels of yesterday's big rules updates and FAQs.

Rules can be downloaded here

The Knight Moirax is fitted with a potent reactor core capable of powering the most destructive weaponry available to its class, including paired lightning locks or a volkite veuglaire and gyges siege claw.  

A pair of lightning locks blast apart enemy troops and vehicles at range. While they are similar to the lightning guns carried by Thallax cohorts, the powerplant of the Knight Moirax mean that lightning locks are even more destructive.

As with all volkite weapons, the veuglaire has a devastating effect on flesh and bone. Anything that survives such a fusillade will be crushed with a gyges siege claw, a smaller – but no less deadly – version of the hekaton siege claw.
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