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Dropzone Commander 6 Month Release Schedule

There are a lot of releases on the schedule for Hawk Wargames, and I have a solid set of information regarding what those will be. (straight from Hawk Wargames). So lets take a look at what the future of Dropzone Commander will be through the month of July.

These are not rumors, but from a direct phone interview.

February- 6 Famous Commanders already announced. These being released in two days!
Here is a link to them.

March-  Standard Command Vehicles for each faction. This includes the recently revealed, PHR Nemesis, UCM Phoenix, Scourge Oppressor, and the Shaltari Gharial. You can see more images of these here.

April- This will be exciting, as we are looking at the first wave of new infantry/small vehicles. I will have details on these units later (Im sorting through 3 pages of notes). Some of these were seen in early concept artwork at recent shows.

May- Wave 2 of infantry/small vehicles for each faction

June- This will be the second wave of Famous Commanders including all of them that were not released the first time around.

July- Wave 3 of infantry/small vehicles for each faction

and now for the biggiee..............
Reconquest Phase 2 will be released later this year!!!!!
This will include all the new units, as well as rules for the new scenery sets. 

This guy is in there. I can guarantee a spot for him in my armies.

Hawk Wargames has so much going on this year, with the new models and units, Reconquest, and of course Dropfleet Commander. Hold on tight as I have lots of info coming.

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  1. Great news. Did you hear anything about the campaing pack they wanted to release? Eagerly waiting for it.

  2. Thanks Natfka. I owe my venture into this game to you. I grow impatient with DzC news within days, so it's good to hear some confirmations!

  3. That dude would be awesome as an infantry based guy, but big! like 1 per base. A big hulking ogre of a dude.

    1. He is a close combat destroyer. 3 guys to a base

    2. Not sure how they're going to balance those, since regular destroyers are already amazing at close combat...

  4. Small vehicle additions? That sounds really interesting.