Over the last few months we have quite a bit of information regarding the new edition that is rumored to be coming this year approximately in May. I noticed that in the last article, several questions were coming up without answers, that had been mentioned before as rumors. This means that it was time to do a quick 9th Edition rumor compilation.

Here it is. Remember that these are all rumors. There has been no official mention of a new edition for Warhammer Fantasy coming this year.

via Steve the Warboss
Warhammer 9th, new Starter Set

-Second Army in starter is still unknown first is Empire.
-Starter includes two booklets
-The first is a typical booklet with starter rules and profiles without special rules ect.
-The second is like them from the 40k campaign sets with following content:

-Full Rules for all Models in the Box including special rules
-The Profiles and Models can be used as unique characters and units in standard games

-Like 40k Dark vengeance there will be two expansion sets for both armies
Here's last month's rumors to add some context:

Warhammer Endtimes/9th Edition Latest
-Endtimes will become more than 4 Book
-The last Books will maybe released after the 9th Edition
-Empire will be the first Armybook of the new edition

-The Work on the Rules has already completed
-Endtimes will maybe not mentioned in the Rulebook
-The Design Studio seems working on Siege Rules for an Expansion
-The Starter Set will return to "step by step" introduction
-No allied Matrix like 40k, we become something like "factions"
-GW plans the release for May, Starter will come in June

9th Edition Warhammer Fantasy Battles:
-One Profile for Mounted Units (like End Times units).
-End Times was full designed for the new Edition, the Books will be 100% compatible.
-No new Armybook releases until the New Edition is released.
-Empire in the starter set, the opposing army is undetermined.
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