Destroy or Devour is the title from What's New Today, a teaser confirming Space Hulk is coming. Here is what you need to know!

So How Long will it last? This is a limited edition run, and it will quite possibly last only a couple hours or more once pre-orders are available. 

Here is a link to the video Teaser.

Pre-Orders Go Live This Weekend. While the date is September 13th, remember that pre-orders go live for us in the US on Friday. Take into account your time zones!

Here are the details as they come from various sources already with the White Dwarf in Hand.
$125USD or €100/£75
English only this time around. No translations
Limited Re-release from the 2009 edition but with 
-4 new scenarios
-The box contains new counters (boarding torpedoes, breach counters, damaged control room and turbo lift tiles)Box

35 Easy fit models
22 Genestealers, 1 Broodlord and 12 Space Marine Terminators. 
189 board sections and gaming counters.
1 x Rulebook and 1 x Mission book containing 16 scenarios including 4 new ones.

Other locations to see the information as it comes.

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