Space Hulk players have something interesting available to them as an ipad digital release, rules for Ultramarines, Dark Angels, and Space Wolves. Of course that is very cool, and gives people already with the game, something exciting to get a hold of with this new re-release of the 2009 boardgame, Space Hulk.

Here is a link to go check them out.

via Games Workshop
Space Hulk Mission Files: Ultramarines - Duty and Honour  $15.99
Introduce the Terminators of the Ultramarines 1st Company into your games of Space Hulk. Includes the rules for their use and a three mission campaign.

Space Hulk Mission Files: Dark Angels - Bringer of Sorrow  $15.99
Deploy Deathwing Terminators in your Space Hulk games. Includes the rules for models equipped with their specialist weaponry such as the plasma cannon and halberd of Caliban.

Space Hulk Mission Files: Space Wolves - Return to Kalidus  $15.99
Packed with everything you need to unleash Wolf Guard Terminators in your games of Space Hulk, including rules for using Pack Leaders, frost axes and creating bespoke scenarios.

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