The biggest news this week was the release of images from Games Workshop in their videos showing off the new cover for the Dark Eldar codex. Of course there are rumors that the codex may or may not be coming alongside the already revealed Voidraven Bomber release next week.

New This Week
Games Workshop
Wracks $36
Haemonculus  $26
Horrors of the Dark City $290.75

Questoris Knight Magaera £110.00

Black Library
Sin of Damnation (eBook) $9.99
The Black Pilgrims (eBook) $4.99
The Talon of Horus Audiobook (MP3) $49.99
The Talon of Horus (eBook) $23.99
The Talon of Horus (Hardback) $24.99

The Latest News and Rumors
Dark Eldar

Of course the cover, shown above is just awesome. Ready your Archons, this is going to be fun. Next week we are looking at a Voidraven release that has been years in waiting. its a fantastic looking model, and will fit right into the Dark Eldar Aesthetics. 

via an anonymous source of Faeit 212 *****
Next weeks white dwarf #35 shows the DE Void Raven.
Here is what the new cover says.

Watch the Skies!
Dark Eldar Flyer Incoming!
Fear the Voidraven Bomber
Battlefields Darken in the Shadow of Sickle-Shaped Wings

Its has most of the aesthetics of the Razorwing Fighter, but larger with 4 Engines, 3 tail fins, and two Void Lances that protruding from the wings. In the main body, the pilot sits on a set of small bat-like wings with a long nose along the front. Its a gorgeous model, and if you like the razorwing fighter, the Voidraven looks very similar, just bigger and longer. Where the razorwing nose is open, there is a canopy for a nose pilot in the voidraven.

The Endtimes

The Endtimes is rumored to start up right where the Dark Eldar end. While its still unknown whether or not the Dark Eldar will be a two or three week release, its very certain that the Endtimes will be hot on its heels.

via Steve the Warboss on Faeit 212 ****
Endtimes Archaon‏
Van Horstmann gets a Multi-Kit to build either him or Galrauch.

via Voice of the Chaos God's ***
Archaon's Heralds will get redone
van Horstmann, Arbaal, Valnir & Dachala now lead the Chaos Mono Armies.

via Larry Vela on Bols ***
- 6 Week Release
- 1 week for each chaos god
- 2 weeks for the campaign specific minis

- I would expect the chaos god weeks to include dual-use kits for 40k/wfb (plastic major daemons are most often mentioned)
- The other kits are probably Archaon and his Lieutenants, as we saw with the Nagash wave.
- Fancy End Times bookset of course.
- Starts after Dark Eldar, so Oct 4th.
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