While we have uncovered the cover of the next White Dwarf, there is more beyond the Haemonculous and Wrack releases rumored to be coming. The latest bits show the second week to be the Voidraen, Vect, and most likely another release still not known. Check out the latest.

Please remember that these are rumors.

via Larry Vela over on Bols***
Look for two main weeks of Dark Eldar Releases followed by a possible trailing third week to clean up the odds and ends and possible be shared with the start of the End Times Chaos launch window:

Week 1: Haemonculi / Wracks (Sept 20th pre-orders)

Week 2: Voidraven / Vect-dias / possible 3rd unknown mini (Sept 27th pre-orders)

Plus these mixed in:
-Codex (plus limited edition)
-Supplemental codex ("Wyches"?)
-Painting Guide ("Covens"?)
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