There is a lot of Dark Eldar information all over the internet at this point. I have another batch of information from various sources, so lets take a close look at a couple things I was most curious about.

Please remember that these are still rumors, as mistakes and errors from people are reading are very possible regarding the Dark Eldar information. Also a huge thanks to everyone that is sending in information regarding the Dark Eldar. It helps  everyone a lot.

via anonymous sources on Faeit 212
Ossefactor- 24" s1 ap2 assault 1, fleshbane with calcific spears; if a model is removed as a casualty, the unit suffers d6 extra random hits at strength equal to toughness of the victim with ap-

Hexrifle- 36" sX ap4 assault 1, sniper, arcane payload. any precision shot has the instant death rule

Huskblades are now ap3

Plasma Grenade Launcher-18"  s1 ap- assault 1, blast, soulfright

Archite Glaive 
one handed- user strength ap3
double handed- +1 strength ap2

Power axes not listed as an option making klaives, archite glaives, and demi-klaives the only ap2 melee weapons. 

animus vitae is an 8" s4 ap2 assault 1, one use only item that causes all dark eldar to treat the current round one higher for power from pain. Can stack with other effects

archangel of pain
enemy units within 9" must make a leadership at -2 or suffer wounds by each point failed leadership by. no armor saves or cover allowed. marines and fearless units are immune.

4+ save, 6+ invul, and gains fear. all enemy within 6" -2 leadership

Djinn blade
gives +2 attacks ap3 and if you roll a 1 on a d6 suffer a wound with no saves allowed.

friendly de within 12" get adamantium will, enemy psykers within 12" suffer perils on any doubles

Parasite pistol
12" s1 ap5 poisoned 2+ each time a wound is inflicted, gain one wound back

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