Forgeworld this morning is releasing a new Imperial Knight, the Questoris Knight Magaera. While its available now for pre-orders, this big guy will be shipped off next Friday.

Here is a link to the new model to order,

via Forgeworld
Magaera type Knights are most often used as shock assault units, breaching the most heavily defended enemy positions, while shrugging off heavy weapons fire and self-repairing even devastating weapon strikes in a few minutes. To aid in this role it is armed with a complex lightning cannon, using focussed electro-magnetic beams to vaporise infantry and blast apart armour.

Designed by Rob Macfarlane, the Questoris Knight Magaera is a complete multi-part resin and plastic kit and is available to pre-order now for despatch from Friday 26th September. 

Rules for using the Questoris Knight Magaera have been uploaded to our Downloads section.
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