Dark Eldar are coming, and with it some serious concerns on what will be in the new book. The top of my list of course is that after seeing what happened to psycannons, that splinter cannons will be next and become a salvo weapon.

Psycannons for instance, really only hurts purifiers and purgation squads. While something could of been done to the design for the psycannon, salvo was instead slapped on it, which hurt play options instead of helping expand it.

So my next biggest concern is that splinter cannons are next to join the salvo team, which once again becomes a limiting factor, as it would only effect infantry. In a game where options are growing, Grey Knights took a step back in some regards, and I fear that Dark Eldar will be doing the same.

Venoms are strong, and I do expect that we will see a price increase for them, although because the model is already done and has the option for the additional splinter cannon, I highly doubt dual splinter cannons will change. A point increase is the most logical conclusion for the vehicle.

The same goes for the raider. Raiders have been going up on point costs, not down, and this will most likely continue.

Mandrakes seriously need an update. They needed one in 5th edition, and all they got was our current state of affairs, but with probably one of the best models in the game. (I dont have any of the new models...... the rules were simply that bad, and have been using my 3rd edition mandrakes if I wanted to use mandrakes).

The Voidraven is coming. Its been done for a long time, and there were reports of the designers flying them around the studio making swooshing noises shortly after the 5th edition codex was released. Recent reports show that the Voidraven (not voiddragon like someone is reporting in error) is indeed coming.

The Dark Lance. As good as it looks on paper, the Dark Lance has always been a limiting factor in the Dark Eldar arsenal for breaking armour. While I doubt it will get an update......... A few dedicated hours of design time would be perfect to update this weapon, or provide alternatives.

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