With all these rumors coming in on what the new Dark Eldar codex will bring, I am sure we have missed a lot. Here is a list by Kirby over on 3++ , which reveals ways to stack power from pain, and increase your feel no pain to 4+

Please note that this point these are still rumors. I have not included his full list here, because a lot of duplicates other information we have discussed on the site. If you want to head over there to see the entire list, please do so.

via Kirby on 3++
- Huskblades are ap3, cheaper, not a relic
- Racks now work on all Splinter weapons
- Wych weapons nerfed. Hydras confer Shred, Razors reroll To Hit, Shardnet/Impaler reroll 1s on To Hit and To Wound
- Stun Claw is +1S, ap6, confers ID in challenge
- Shadow Field is more expensive
- Incubi are still ap2
- Soul Trap gives +1s for each usnaved wound inflicted in a challenge
- Reavers no longer attack while moving, now bladevanes are improved HoW. Caltrops inflict D6 rending HoWs, Gravs inflict Concussive
- Spirit Probe now improves FnP of all Deldar in 6″ by 1 to a max od 4+
- Implosion Msls are s6 ap2 blast
- Chain Flails now only give Shred
- Talos has 3 attacks, same as Cronos
- Borh Haemy and Archon improve PfP, they let a unit add a 1 to the turn number for PrP, this stacks
- it says that Dodge now works against any wounds inflicted in fight sub phase, I am nit sure if overwatch counts or not
- it looks like Venom Blade can only be taken by the Acothyst now
- no flickerfields for anything other than venoms
- sails let a vehicle flat out 24″
- lances on infantry are a bit cheaper
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