Forgeworld today for their bulletin, showed off some amazing models for the Best of Show from Forge World European Open Day. These are painted by some people that really are doing the stuff equal or better than that of a Hollywood movie. In the pic above, just look at that open mouth on that greater daemon. Crazy.

Of course you can see more of inspirational pics on the Forgeworld Bulletin, so check it out today.

Also in the news from Forgeworld, is the Vorax Battle-Automata, that will be available during the Warhammer Fest. Very cool.

via Forgeworld
There were some great new models on show at the European Open Day. I managed to get my hands on one of my favourites, the Vorax Battle-Automata from designer Will Hayes, so I could show it to you. We expect the Vorax to be available for the first time at Warhammer Fest.

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