European Forgeworld Day turned out to be a big day, with Forgeworld designers on hand, answering questions and giving out information that made its way all the way around the world. Warhammer Fest looks like it will be the same, as Edgar Skomorowski will be there, as well as the launching of the new Solar Auxila that weekend.

Warhammer Fest is happening on October 11th, just one month away.

via Forgeworld from their Bulletin release
It won’t be too long until you get the opportunity again to chat with members of the Forge World Studio and see what they’ve been up to, this time in the UK at Warhammer Fest. The Forge World Writers and Designers will be there in force showing off their latest work, plus we’ll have a load of new products for you to buy at the event too.

Edgar Skomorowski discussed his latest designs at the European Open Day.

Speaking of products that will be available at Warhammer Fest, we expect to be launching our new Solar Auxilia range over that weekend. These Imperial army troops for the Horus Heresy, designed by Edgar Skomorowski, will be on sale for the first time ever, along with other units for this new faction! We're sure this new range is going to be incredibly popular so if you want to be one of the first people in the world to get your hands on them grab a ticket for Warhammer Fest today!
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