I know there are players out there that loved wracks in the 5th edition codex, but for me, there was just not enough viable options for them, except to be loaded up in a raider with liquifiers. This left them as a unit that sat somewhere, trying to be durable and hunker down on some backfield objective. Literally their rules made them not that usable for me, especially after feel no pain went to 5+. Instead I relied upon my Warriors which I really have loved for years.

This time around though, there seems to be some new weapon options, and if you have seen the leaks, there are hints that there might be some cool new options for these new models.

Barjed had said this back a few days ago after getting his early white dwarf.
I think it's ECW, Mindphase and Xhand for Acothyst, while the rest of the gear applies to regular Wracks (It explicitly states that every Wrack can equip a Power Maul). 

Moving forward, and really getting new options for the standard wrack, especially power mauls, would be a huge move forward for Wracks. There looks to be more choices coming, and if they turn out good when the codex arrives, a full on Coven army might be in the making. (my talos have been rather board without their wracks, and their old third edition metal grotesques)
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