The new Voidraven has been said to chime in at the cost of a Land Raider, which is very expensive. Its been suggested that the point cost was fully upgraded full with missles etc, but the question remains, exactly what is the Voidraven and how much is going to be.

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Voidraven Rumors
Lets take a look at the latest rumors regarding the Voidraven.

Please remember that these are rumors. So yes, it can get quite expensive depending upon which missiles and options you choose. Not quite sure if these are all the options, but this gives us a good idea where the Voidraven will start.

via an anonymous source on Faeit 212
Seems there's some confusion regarding the points cost of the Voidraven.
It's 160 points base, including 2 void lances and void mine (1 use)
Then the options it can take are the following points 40/50/60
4 shatterfield missiles
2 shatterfield and 2 implosion missiles
4 implosion missiles

Replace void lances with dark scythes - free
take Night shields - 15pts
for special rules it comes with night vision and supersonic, and yes it is
just 10/10/10 3HP

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