Next week could be a very big week, with a new Archon, Succubus, Asdrubael Vect along with this Dais of Destruction. Of course these have been what is rumored, but it would be a very big week to have all these released.

Please remember that these are still rumors, but seem very logical at this point.

via Sebastian Rubio from Facebook
A summary, 2 special edition codices coming out, one Archon edition, one Dracon edition

Voidraven coming out. & the normal codex.
The voidraven has multiple weapon options BTW
Also a Coven painting guide coming out an some cards with new objectives and combat drugs stats.
all for pre-order this saturday 27/09

I have inside knowledge on the next releases: Pre-order for the 4th are:
Archon, Succubus, Vect + Dais. The white dwarf coming out that week mentions the nobility of Commorragh. Might be more, but I have these confirmed as dark eldar releases

via Khain mor on the Dark City
I know what's in the 3th week BTW, 99,99% sure

Week 3, Pre order on the 4th :
-Plastic archon, multiple options from what I've seen so far, I've seen a lot of bitz I've never seen before on any other kit. I know kabalites or wyches won't be updated, meaning those bitz can only come with the archon. 
-new succubus, if you check the picture you can see a succubus with the same seapons as the old one, the same arms, but everything else is different. Now plastic or finecast, unsure. This could also be a conversion, however I know for a fact a new Succubus will be released.
- third big release: you can get very excited for this one: Vect + Dais 
0 pictures yet, 0 clue what it will look like, I'm expecting something extremely awesome. Vect is a lord of war btw. 

BTW another interesting bit on apoc battle report: all dark eldar get FnP on turn 3, fearless on turn 5. A global power from pain it seems. Not many rules are mentioned in the battlereport from what I know.
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