The mysterious Dark Scythe weapon found on the Voidraven is unveiled as a S8 AP2 blast weapon, and it looks like liquifiers are getting a strength reduction. Check out the latest from someone that is rumored to have the codex in hand, or at least seen it!

Please remember that these are rumors from someone with the codex.

via an anonymous source on Faeit 212
Wyches inv save says it works against all wounds in the Fight Sub Phase.

Dark Scythes are 24" S8 AP2 Heavy 1, Blast, Lance

Liquifier guns are still in the book but they're S3 now, still D6

Raiders and Venoms are both 55 points base.

Allied wraithguard yeah its a nice combo, with the webway portal you dont scatter. 
Archons, succubus and haemonculus all can have it (35 points)
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