Hello, My name is Inkub, I run two wargaming blogs. One of the is my personal blog (miniwojna.blogspot.com), where I chronicle my wargaming projects, painting miniatures mostly. The other is a kind of news blog, where I write about Polish - and Polish only - new miniatures, accessories, rules, etc. In short - about everything which is going on in Polish wargaming industry. I'm pretty sure that most of the readers here have heard about companies such as MaxMini, Kromlech or Micro Art Studio. Yep, all of them are Polish - and about three dozens of other, less known (so far).

Natfka was so kind as to allow me to write short summaries of most interesting products released by Polish companies in past two weeks on bi-weekly basis. So, welcome to the first instalment of Polish Wargaming News summary. Sometimes those summaries will be "dark grim future" heavy, on the other times I will show something closer to "dark fantasy" or some new releases from other games - everything depends on manufacturers, of course. I will also try to include some accessories, like bases or terrain models, and reviews too. All links lead directly to appropriate products at the manufacturer's webstores or reviews of products.

Deth Rokket on halftrack
New release from Kromlech in slightly unorthodox blue color on official photo. Resin, 28 "heroic" scale, desgined for experienced modellers as it has 19 parts. Lenght of about 11 cm and 9 cm of height, it will certainly make big kaboom somwhere on the battlefield. 29.99 EUR/24.82 GBP/41.28 USD.

Viking Lord Ingmar, Grey Horde Master
New figure from Hi-Tech Miniatures, company which is slowly preparing its own "Warhell" game, set in dark future where gods and demons battle each other. This kit is another model from fast growing company's range of futuristic vikings. 28 mm "heroic" scale, 7 parts including resin scenic base. Be prepared to spend 18 EUR/24 USD.

Terra Guardians
Titan-Forge company has been known from its fantasy miniatures so far, Terra Guardians are first miniatures from this manufacturer set in sci-fi genre. Figures are casted in resin in 28 mm "heroic" scale, set contains parts for making five different models. You can buy it for 15 EUR, there is also second set available, containing ten models for 25 EUR.

"Hive" terrain models from Micro Art Studio
Micro Art Studio is one of the best known Polish wargaming companies, specialising in making resin scenic bases and terrain accessories. "Hive" is the name of one of the new ranges of terrain models. Micro Art Studio has just released two new products from this series - Hive Crest (19.68 EUR) and Hive Maw (15.99 EUR). Both new releases are made from high quality hardfoam with some additional resin parts.

Cardboard models of Fantasy Trade Outpost set from Baltazar Games review
Baltazar Games is a very small Polish company producing card accessories, cards and cardboard wargaming models. You can read a review of Fantasy Trade Outpost cardboard models set produced by this manufacturer on my blog here. Cheap and very nice, in my opinion, at least.

That's all for today, we will meet in two weeks, where I will present more interesting miniatures from Poland. And remember - you can find daily information about figures and accessories from Poland on Polish Miniatures website.

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