Of course after news yesterday that Dark Eldar are indeed on the cover of the next White Dwarf, showing what looks like a Haemonculous flanked by Wracks, the question became whether it either are new models coming out. This morning we have an answer.

Please remember that these are rumors. For those that missed yesterday's news "Beware the Flesh Shapers" here is a link

via an anonymous source on Faeit 212 ****
There is a new Homonculous and new wracks :) 

Also of interest
via a reader on the this site, and I was looking and could not find them either.
(not a rumor, checked the US and UK site)
looks like the dark eldar codex and the battle force have gone off of the games 
workshop web site

via the anonymous source that brought yesterday's news. *****
The Haemonculi has long hair which falls on his left and he looks more of an Archon with the body of a Haemonculous. Perhaps a new Ancient Haemonculous model. While the body and cloak look similar, there are differences, and the curved blade is in its right hand, with the splinter pistol in its left. There is a talon of sorts, that looks like a raptors talon, on a lower right appendage.
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