Dropzone Commander from Hawk Wargames is getting a very large Resistance release tomorrow, however a few models, like the Hellhog Fighter and Battlebus, will be delayed due to persistant moulding issues. So lets take a look at what is getting released, and what is not.

A couple people I play with are getting into the Resistance, even a late night call last night saying "Im picking up 2500pts when they are released". So here is an updated release list and the official notice from Hawk Wargames about the delays.

The model I am most excited to see.... the Hellhog Fighter (with moving engines for hover and fast mover modes) is on the delay list. Cant wait to see this model when it comes out. 

via Hawk Wargames on Delays
The launch of the Resistance has been very well received, although we have to announce a slight delay in the release of 3 of the blisters from wave 3 (the Battlebus, Hellhog Fighter and Storm Wagons). This delay is due to persistent moulding issues, and as we like to maintain a high level of standard when it comes to our products, this will unfortunately lead to a 2 week delay with these units. Many apologies for this, and we hope it does not inconvenience anyone too much.

September 27th:
Kraken Medium Hovercraft
Lifthawk Medium Dropship
Breaching Drill
Gun Wagon
Zhukov AA MBT
Resistance Fighters
Occupation Veterans

Dual Resistance Command Cards

Delayed Releases (by two weeks October 11th?)
Hellhog Fighter
Storm Wagon

October 18th:
Leviathan Heavy Hovercraft
Barrel Bomber
Fire Wagon
Hannibal MBT

Jackson APC
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