Dark Eldar information is coming, including some of the biggest bits of information we are all waiting for!!! Mandrakes, Webways, Power from Pain, and more. Very exciting, and I think at last, mandrakes will be on my immediate list to purchase!

Now for the sad news...... No Asdrubael Vect or the Dais of Destruction is in the codex.

Please remember that these are rumors until we we get the codex in hand. These bits of information are from someone with the codex in hand.

via an anonymous source on Faeit 212
Just got the codex, there's no Vect or Dais :(

Just a new Archon and Succubus.

Kabalite warriors can be upgraded to Trueborn, 
same for Wychies - Bloodbrides (but no new models)

we obviously lost all the other special characters since
there's no models for them, so just Drazhar, Urien and Lelith left.

Still cant believe we lost Vect, could it possibly be he's going to be a white dwarf release? I really doubt that for something like Vect, unless he's going to be a limited edition model, which again I doubt that'll happen.

There's 3 different pictures of the new Archon with different heads and weapons so seems like a nice kit.

As for the Mandrakes, they lost the 5+inv, but got shrouded + stealth. They also start automatically with baleblast and the only change to it is instead of pinning it's got soul blaze.

There's quite alot of equipment compared to the other recent books. The webway portal now grants you deepstrike to the model, his unit and their transport.

Clonefield is a 4+ inv save. Shadow field the same as before.

I havent gone through it all yet as as I said there's alot of stuff, think all the equipment from before is still mostly there in some form or another + some more new stuff.

Power from Pain gives a set bonus depending upon what round it is, with no other requirements. The bonus's stack, so by the end of the game, your units really have a lot of bonus's. 
1. None,
2. Feel No Pain 6+
3. Becomes Feel No Pain 5+
4. Add Furious charge
5. Add Fearless
6. Add Rage
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