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This is Inkub from Miniwojna blog (http://miniwojna.blogspot.com) and  Polish Miniatures website (http://polskiefigurki.blogspot.com), where I write about Polish – and Polish only – new miniatures, accessories, rules and similar things. This is second of my bi-weekly short summaries of interesting wargaming new products released by Polish companies in last days.

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As before, all links lead directly to appropriate products available at the manufacturers’ webstores or to reviews of products.

Consul Titus Helva
New resin 28 mm „heroic” scale miniature released by Hi-Tech Miniatures company. Contrary to most of the figures produced by this manufacturer, this one is not heavily armoured. Excellent choice for some paper-pusher, scribe, bureaucrat or similar official of middle or higher rank. I’d like to point that this miniature is available in really good price too – 7 EUR (approx. 9.30 USD).

Space Knights of Pleasure bits
Spellcrow, producer of 28 mm „heroic” scale resin bits and miniatures, is steadily becoming one of the most productive Polish manufacturers, releasing new sets of both fantasy and science-fiction parts every month. Two newest sets of resin bits are designed for Space Knights of Pleasure range of miniatures. You can convert your figures using „Pleasure Knights Claws” or „Pleasure Knights Heads”. First set is available for 5.80 EUR / 7.24 USD/ 4.71 GBP, price of the second one is 8 EUR / 10 USD / 6.50 GBP.


Space Legionary Bionic Running Legs
Kromlech is certainly one of the most well-known Polish producers of bits and miniatures, famous especially for its range of greenskins. Today I’d like to present new set from other range though – Space Legionary Bionic Running Legs. You will get six resin 28 mm „heroic” scale casts in the box, with three different variants of each part inside. Legs are heavily armoured, with visible mechanical/bionic parts. Excellent for converting some miniatures and making them even more badass looking. Your for 7.99 EUR / 11 USD / 6.61 GBP.

Warlocks and Skydrifters
Titan-Forge company offers its range of Daemonic Kingdoms with two kinds of bases nowadays. Daemons are still available with old, original square bases but one can buy complete range supplied with round bases now too. The newest addition to this series of miniatures are skydrifters, which are being sold as a part of bigger sets of warlocks. There are two such sets: Daemon Caller on Skydrifter and Daemon Summoner on Skydrifter. Bot Warlocks riding on Skydrifters backs are available for 18 EUR each.


Free Marines
„Warzone Resurrection” is a game based on „Mutant Chronicles” RPG, released in the 90s by Target Games compny. „Warzone” is currently published by Prodos Games. Company itself is not Polish per se, but it is run by Polish owners, with most of the developing and production based in Poland too.
Just last week Prodos Games has released set of miniatures for one of the most anticipated units in this game – Free Marines for Capitol faction. Set contains five multipart miniatures casted in resin in 32 mm scale, set of cards and bases. Price – 16.18 EUR / 12.99 GBP / 21.69 USD.


One last link today – review. This time I’d like to recommend reading review of Miniature Transport Cases by HobbyZone. HobbyZone is Polish company, of course, producer of all kinds of painting accessories, organizers, and similar stuff. They are known for excellent quality of their releases too.
Review, which is written by Ana, miniature painter of world wide fame from Poland, is available at Chest of Colors website. Please, bear in mind, that cases, which are being reviewed, are designed for carrying painted miniatures for contests like Golden Demon or EuroMilitaire, not for transporting armies of figures.

That’s all for today, and we will meet again in two weeks I think. Meanwhile, you can read news about products and releases of Polish companies on daily basis on Polish Miniatures Website.

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