The first wave of Dark Eldar are now up for pre-orders. Its a small wave, of a single Haemonculus or a box of 5 wracks. Next week we know the Voidraven Bomber after a super long wait, is finally getting released

This week's Pre-Orders

via Games Workshop
Wracks $36
This 86-piece plastic kit makes five Wracks. Each Wrack can be equipped with a host of weapons, including hooked blades, studded clubs, 1 liquifier gun and 1 ossefactor. There are also eleven heads, including three intended for the Acothyst. This kit also includes two additional sets of arms which allow you to convert one Wrack into a Raider pilot or gunner, as seen in the picture gallery. 

Haemonculus  $26
This 11-piece plastic kit makes one Haemonculus equipped with an array of deadly surgical instruments and a splinter pistol

Horrors of the Dark City $290.75
The Horrors of the Dark City bundle contains 24 Plastic Citadel miniatures, including: 1 Haemonculus, 4 boxes of 5 Wracks, 2 Raiders and 1 Talos Pain Engine/Cronos Parasite Engine.
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