After being torn away from the Grey Knight codex, the Inquisition stand alone codex seems a little light on material (not that the Grey Knight one is much better). However, with these half dexes now in circulation, there leaves quite a bit of room for additional material, or at least a hard cover codex release at the minimum for the currently digital only Inquisition.

Please remember that these are rumors.

via Voice of the Chaos Gods
The inquisition will soon get a printed codex with a small release after being dropped from the GKs;

-1 week release
-3 Blisters
-1 Box
-No suppliment within the limited edition

If all hardcover books for 40k are published, GW wants to use the time more for "1-week special" releases like suppliments with new Models (beside fantasy armybooks and end times) until possible a new CSM codex comes at the summer.
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