Hawk Wargames has released its latest newsletter and officially given us the updated release schedule for the Resistance. Also of course is the latest short story, event news, and information about the latest Plastic Starter sets which retail for $55 USD. A great way to start off any of the four original faction armies.

Here is a link to the latest newsletter, and of course the updated release schedule. 10 days...... until we get a large number of resistance releases.


September 27th:
Kraken Medium Hovercraft
Lifthawk Medium Dropship
Breaching Drill
Hellhog Figher
Gun Wagon
Storm Wagon
Zhukov AA MBT
Resistance Fighters
Occupation Veterans
Berserkers (DZC-25022)
Dual Resistance Command Cards

October 18th:
Leviathan Heavy Hovercraft
Barrel Bomber
Fire Wagon
Hannibal MBT
Jackson APC
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