Father Gabe has dug into the information he can get, and there are some corrections that confirm a Dark Eldar Artifex book, along with another named Artifex: Tyranids and Artifex: Space Wolves. Definitely interesting with some information on the Dark Eldar Voidraven and Incubi.

Please consider these rumors.

via Father Gabe on Faeit 212****
Yep. Just got back from meetings and lots of information blew up in my face.  Feel like an ass lol.

So here is what I posted on my earlier posting concerning 9th ed.

1) I can confirm that in the system there is a book called Artifex: Dark Eldar $49.50....additionally there are 2 other books called Artifex: Tyranids and Artifex: Space Wolves both at $49.50.
2) Still in system is a box of Incubi with a different product code under $30.00 (want to say $29.50), DE VR Bomber is not under that heading anymore, whether that means it was scrapped or it is under a new code I do not know.
3) Alien Invasion in WD is true.  
4) GW corporate email mentioned poster coming this week, not today...that was my bad.  Additionally, next week an in store activity centering around painting in conjunction with the WD is encouraged...something concerning the Crux of the matter.  Crux as in terminator Crux?

Regarding my horrible flub on Fantasy:
1) 23+ NA stores have been zeroed out for Island of Blood Restock.  that could mean Fantasy is around the corner or those stores are closing...yikes!
2) New Planogram is inbound, which means fantasy and/or 40k shelving is going to get a face lift
3) There is an issue with back orders of both Bretonnian and Empire Knights, as one has been sold down and will not restock.  I couldnt get more info...yet.

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