This one is likely to be controversial, but with the latest Grey Knight codex release, its really hard to tell anymore what is going on. Even if a Voidraven Bomber was done, its quite possible in this release environment that it would not be a part of the codex. That in my book would be really sad.

On the bright side of things, some other things are mentioned here.

Please remember that these are rumors, and we are getting quite a bit of different rumors regarding what is coming soon. Hopefully it will all clear up shortly and we can get back to having a more distinct set of releases in our near future.

I a also going to assume that a new Wrack box set would make it either a combination box kit, or simply a reboxing.

via Voice of the Chaos Gods ***
Dark Eldar are next, 3-week releases with:
-No Bomber in the Codex
-New Female Archon Model (maybe Malys)
-New Drazhar model
-New Wracks
-Vect with big Vehicle (no Chariot)

Wracks are Plastic. The Female Archon is possibly modular enough for make a generic char and Malys too.
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