Some Eldar rumor are filtering in, and of course any Eldar news is high on my lists of digging in and getting excited about. So here is what was added onto the Eldar rumor bits from Bols yesterday.

Please remember that these are rumors, some salt is always required.

via Larry Vela at Bell of Lost Souls
some followups of our own from the voices in the wind.
-New Eldar "large tank" is being worked on (not the same as the new falcon variant)
-Guardian/Storm Guardian combo plastic box
-Guardian jetbikes/Shining Spear combo box


  1. Firstly I would like to say great pic, that pic imediately brings to mind exactly how close Eldar and Dark Eldar are he looks almost evil.

    Secondly I too am looking forward to an Eldar update. I have been holding off from getting into these guys as (as a start) allies for my DE and Later on (as experience shows) A fully fledged army in their own right.

    Bring it on

  2. i would be very surprised if plastic aspect warriors didnt appear. expecting at least banshees and scorpions, they seem to be the most popular aspects

    1. The main reason why they never did plastic aspects is probably because they never had many upgrades to warrant the extra pieces.

      I'm hoping they get more options this time around.

  3. Large tank?? Now THIS is interesting. Multiple weapons? Larger transport?

    1. BIG GUNS
      I think that is the Eldar Lynx (or similar):

  4. If they make a farseer that mirrors that

  5. If they make a farseer that mirrors that

  6. Maybe it's the huge, gnarled sword but that picture makes me thing chaos eldar more than anything! (not to be confused with dark eldar :P)

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  8. There is no reason eldar have to be so crisp, clean, and lacking in flowing robes and designs... I really like that image of the eldar and hope it translates to some new models!!

  9. I find it hard to believe that they will be replacing the current Guardian box. They're actually really great looking miniatures. On the other hand I would be surprised if they didn't come out with a box that was a mixture of shining spears, guardian jetbikes and warlock jetbikes all in one.

  10. Do you think the CHapter house case would be holding off the release of a farseer jetbike?
    I've always been playing farseer on bikes even though my models were walking farseer - next - to their jetbikes.
    seer councils on jetbikes is so effective zoming around to buff evryone.

    Crosses fingers xxx

  11. Tank, maybe it's a ground assault vehicle, that burrows? would be awesome.
    Yeah guardians and stormies should be able to be made from the same box, if catapults stay at current renge I hope guardians get laser options.
    About the bikes, yeah they should do bikes that allowes you to put a normal farseer, autarch or warlock or even guardian just as they are on one. They could then sell the bikes separately from it's riders.

    One can always hope for the return of harlequins on bikes, jink+shrouded+stealth grants 2+ goodness. Return of fear for them to ignore overwatch along with their current dance of death would be awesome.

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