Once again it is odd how a bunch of rumors all seem fit to come along together, but from completely different sources. This time we are looking at a 6th edition release of Apocalypse. This is going to be one expansion release that I am looking forward to seeing and getting a chance to play.

Please remember that these are rumors and as such, salt is always required.

via shaso_iceborn in the Faeit 212 comment sections

March 7, 2013 at 4:18 PM
Apocalypse Redux (apoc for 6th ed) but I am not certain if it is late June or early July.

I have been hearing rumours about a plastic Warhound but personally I wouldn't get my hopes up.

As always there's the rumor about a plastic Thunderhawk as well, perhaps with fliers being in 6th the rumor finally has merit, I however am taking lots of salt with this one.

via an anonymous source from the Faeit 212 inbox
*June/July is Apocalypse. 
*GW has been looking at new ultra-large plastic kits timed to release with Apocalypse. 
*hinted that one of the kits could be a plastic Thunderhawk. (was unsure)
*also models as in plural, so I think it's fair to say there's at least one other plastic superheavy due alongside this.

via a separate anonymous source (checking in to help us navigate rumors)

Apocalypse for 6th edition is this summer. 
There are no super heavy flyers coming. 

I am going to say that I think this closes the rumors on a plastic thunderhawk (because of the source), but that it leaves some exciting possibilities on a large plastic kit or two this summer. Plastic titans would be way too cool not to get one or two. June and July are going to be exciting.


  1. I guess I could Chaos up a titan if they release one lol.

  2. I would hope for a titan or storm eagle :-)

  3. Here's hoping they print enough copies!

  4. I assume that the source meant to say "no new superheavies from GW" given that there are super heavy flyers from Forge World...

    1. I am astonished by the reading comprehension of some people on this site.

  5. I'm really excited about this. I was reading my Apoc book last night and it did look so dated (it's been a while). Also, more big Superheavy kits will be lots of fun. I really hope this pans out to be true.

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  7. I'm wondering if this is why it's been so quiet on the Matt Ward front? Maybe this is what he's been up to?

    1. Matt Ward just released the WHFB Chaos Demons Army Book, so I would assume that's what he's been busy doing.

  8. There are always rumors of a Plastic Thunderhawk. And every time every one involverd in the conversation concludes that While it would be an excedingly good idea and they would buy 3, No one beleives it will be done.

    But then they also said no one would make a White metal one. Or replace the White Metal one with another material. Who knows. Here is hoping.

    If it cost £150, would you buy it?

    1. For the same size? Yes. It would probably become their best-selling kit overnight, based on a conversation a few minutes ago I had with my gaming group about this.
      And I would be pretty sad if Warhounds did become plastic, because GW will inevitably reduce the level of detail on the Chaos version (they always do when they convert something to plastic, although I think the baneblade might have been an exception), and that detail is forcing me to save up for it. :D

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    3. This is the one conversation where just about every player agrees. Plastic Thunderhawk? Here is my credit card GW. Just dont tell the familiy/kids/wife/girlfriend.

      Oh..And can I have 3?

    4. It makes absolutely NO SENSE to make a plastic Thunderhawk. Ever. Everyone thinks these things are small or like two land raiders. Its 18 inches long by 18 inches wide.

      I'm so tired of this rumor. Lop in the Apocalypse Warhound as well. Not happening. We might see the return of the Knight Titan, at best.

    5. People didn't believe there could be a plastic baneblade or stompa... :P
      I know a plastic thunder hawk is unlikely BUT! Orks were rumoured to be getting a flying fortress (big-ass flier of some sort) and while apocalypse allowed big tanks, it's logical that 6th edition apocalypse allows big fliers.

    6. Yeah, people never believed that the baneblade or stompa would be plastic either... How big are either of those? Trust me, plastic model production can easily cope with something that big. EASILY. NO PROBLEM.
      You know what the actual problem is? The box size.

      P.S.: "Everyone thinks these things are small". I've seen all Titans and Thunderhawks made by FW IRL. I know the size of them compared to other units. And I'm telling you, a WARHOUND TITAN IS THE SAME HEIGHT AS A STOMPA. Tell me that such things are not feasible.

  9. Just wish listing but I would like to see plastic Eldar Revenant and Warhound Titans. Maybe since the Eldar codex is due out shortly after the Apoc update. I just got a Dreamforge Crusader which is a pretty good proxy for a Titan, atleast a Knight Titan.

  10. Plastic Thunderhawk?
    Plastic Warhound Titan?

    Anyone know a shady clinic where I can sell my other kidney and other unnecessary organs for a reasonable price?

  11. I have had no interest in Apocalyse at all, then I read Plastic Warhound Titan! Hello!?

    I'll get me one of them please!

  12. I just hope that the new release fixes the ridiculous broken and un-fun "Strategems."

    "Look! I can make all of my Reserves have Outflank, or I can give my vehicles a 5+ Cover Save for only the first turn. One of these is better than the other. Hmmmm..."

  13. Got some new news here guys.

    Apparently when the Baneblade and then Stompa were made they were test beds to see how well larger kits might sell; long story short, they were successful and larger kits are planned for most races according to my sources.

    Races he mentioned were

    Space Marines
    and Tau

    hope this helps a little as I wasn't told about any newer models except the continuous Warhound and possible T-hawk rumours.

    Passing along as always (just now here)


    1. They plan on telling a little more details later this weekend so I will update when I hear more.

    2. Mt thoughts: There will not be a plastic Thunderhawk. Its not feasible. What sense would it make to undercut Forgeworld's beautiful model and produce a plastic model???

      Also, its 18x18, and cant use a flyer base because it will smash into most terrain. This is a specialty product from a specialty company.

    3. Haha! Plastic Manta? Why yes please!

      However, I just can't see anything larger than Baneblades being done in plastic. I'd be very surprised if there were Titans and a Thunderhwawk released.

    4. A plastic model that's 18"X18" is not feasible? A 1/48 scale B-29 I built years ago had a 36" wingspan and a 25" fuselage. Revell makes a 1/72 scale space shuttle with fuel tank and boosters that's over 31" tall. That's nearly twice as tall as Forge World's Reaver Titan, which is about 16" tall.

      And it makes perfect sense to "undercut Forgeworld's beautiful model". A Thunderhawk is $600 and a Reaver Titan without weapons is $630, which is prohibitively expensive for most players. The cost of Titans and Thunderhawks and the frustrations that come with resin keep most of my gaming group out of Apocalypse. We'd gladly give up some detail to be able to buy plastic versions for closer to $250.

    5. The sense in taking it from forgeworld would be better sales. Plastic tech is better now so long story short, it can look good.
      Being plastic means they can sell it cheaper as materials cost less than forgeworld resin and They can produce them faster.
      So is a cheaper, more accessible kit that can be produced faster not worth it?

  14. If they do make a Plastic Warhound Titan (& I sincerely hope they do), then I also hope & pray that they make a Chaos version, too. It would suck if they went that far and didn't go all-in... Here's hoping... :-)

    1. if they do make a plastic warhound it would be so simple for them to make a chaos version... just have all the 'outer armour' on a single sprue which is interchangeable with a chaos and imperial one...

  15. Just some food for thought we came up with a friend:

    Pacific Rim (you know, the not-NGE meets not-Godzilla) launches on the 12th of July. Now, a company looking to capitalize on the success of a tentpole film with GIANT RAWBOTS battling HUEG MONSTAS might release a few plastic kits that would coincide with the said film.

    Imperial/Chaos Warhound Titan (Baneblade & Shadowsword repackaged too)
    Eldar/Dark Eldar Revenant Titan
    Ork Stompa repackaged
    Tau Even Hueger Mecha Than In The Codex
    Tyranid Hierodule/Hierophant (because dual kits are all the rage, also it would re-retcon Hierodule back to Titan size)
    ...and so that the SPESS MAHREEN players do not feel left out, the Thunderhawk (and/or Fellblade, either as standalone or conversion kit for the Baneblade)


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