That was fast, and now everything is out. A full unboxing a great look at the new board game from Games Workshop is hitting. This really shows just about everything you need to see for the game.

Updated:.... The pics removed from the original site just a few moments ago. There are all over now though, so I have updated the link so that if you missed it you can still check out some of the pics.

Whilst there the price was confirmed as being £95 gbp, which for £350+ of forge world stuff is a great buy. 

So on with the unboxing. Some of this has been seen but I'll pop it in for you all. 

Inside you are greeted by a mass of very full sprues
You get two of each of these sprues 
Then the contemptor with a good weapons selection:
Then some more infantry (two of these too) and terminator sprues:
Then the command sprue with and excellent terminator captain but the word bearers priest is my favourite 

All the models are devoid of legion icons so would all work as a great start to any legion and are compatible with forge world parts. So a great start for the new legion commander out there. 

Next are the unusual dice and the action cards, interesting to see the last card being a damage card but didn't open these as didn't want to make too much of a mess. 

Finally the game tiles, rules and assembly guide
The game play book is fairly long but still only maybe 40-50pages and is done in a very nice forge world style that gives it that more grown up feeling of the current hh stuff. 
Haven't taken too many pics as don't want to get the guys up here in trouble for letting me see it so no rules I'm afraid

So there you have it. One of the nicest boxes in a while and some good looking stuff. Any questions let me know and I'll see what I can do. 
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