Giveaway Over and done I talked to two of the Eternal Crusade team a couple days ago, Nathan and Katie. The one single thing that stood out while talking to them, is that they want the communities input on what we want to see in the game. That is the whole purpose behind behind this alpha, to create the game that we want and have been dying to play for years and years.

Of course I gave my input, 
"I wanted to experience being dropped into battle in a drop pod. Plummeting to the planet's surface through the atmosphere at incredible speeds to "land" crash onto the battlefield. " The how we get to our battlefield is I want to see and experience.

So now it's your turn. Yesterday you had to simply email me to enter... today you have to do two things. Email me....... like yesterday with an email named "Eternal Crusade Giveaway" at, and leave a comment below with your input on what you want to see in the game. 

Why leave a comment here? Because I told the team that we would get them some input, and so now its time. They want to hear from you! -if this gets real long, i will open a second article later today to handle the comments for the Eternal Crusade team.-

Today we will be giving away the next three keys, and they will be chosen at random from the emails I receive starting at the time of this article, until 7am Pacific Standard Time. Winners will be revealed tomorrow. Please check your time zones.

This is a new giveaway, for three alpha game keys- Captain Packs, that will also give you access to the full game when it is released.

The three winners from the first giveaway are......
Chained Sky 

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