The Cave-Breaker (my ultimate favorite famous commander), Ramses the first born, and Gunnarr the ferryman are all up for pre-orders now!!! Very sweet to see the new and final wave of famous commanders from the Reconquest Phase 1.

I need to get at least two of these!

And yes, A huge congratulations to David. He just tied the knot to a fantastic lady I have had the privilege to meet in person.

Pre-orders are here

Cavebreaker £22.50
Ramses, the Firstborn £13.00
Gunnar, the Ferryman £15.00

New Famous Commander Units now available for pre-order
Scourge - The Cavebreaker
Shaltari - High Warchief Ramses, The Firstborn

Resistance - Gunnarr of Elysium, The Ferryman

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