Giveaway Over and done  We have given away 6 codes now, and there are 4 left. Today is the final day of the Eternal Crusade Giveaway, and I want to make sure these are given out so there is still time to play this weekend. There has been a ton of you very interested in this game and giveaway, and I want to make sure that all of you that have been involved every day so far have gotten the chance to enter.

So today's giveaway will be for 4 Eternal Crusade Captain Packs. The 4 packs will be given away randomly again like the previous days from email with one difference, all entries that have not already been selected as winners will be chosen from. So if you have entered on the previous days events, that gives you two extra chances to win.

Once again to enter the final day of the giveaway, shoot me an email at This gives you up to three chances to win today!!!.  Again the contest goes from now until 7am Pacific Standard Time tomorrow (Sunday 10/25)!

Also please if you did not post up your ideas for the game yesterday, do so in the comment section. Less than half the entries yesterday did so. (some from the ability to not to be able to post in the comments... and they sent in their comments with their entry, so I understand). The point being is that the team members I talked to, both Nathan and Katie really would like to hear from you. This is your chance to really influence the game.

Congratulations to the winners
Alex, Ben, and Sabor. Emails have been sent to you already with your game keys.

The Latest News for Eternal Crusade....... Livestream Episode 38

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