The contents and details of the this game are now out, Lord of War have come through with the contents and to clear up a lot of what is being said about the release. Did I mention there are also pictures!!! Very cool. Definitely check out the latest on Betrayal of Calth.

via Marshal Loss on B&C from a French Forum

Leaked Images

via Lords of War Gaming (with the overzealous drama removed)
- It is a Boxed game with tiles. (Yes it’s just a box game)
- NO FUCKING XENOS! This is about the galactic civil war of man. That means no bullshit Eldar, Tau, Orks,
Necrons, etc. If you hear anyone say there will be rules for Xenos, they are lying to you and they’re a major bullshit artist. This isn’t 40k, this is 30k and we don’t give a shit what color your Eldar dress is.
- THIS IS NOT A LIMITED RELEASE – this is a boxed game and the models maybe used for Forge World’s Age of Darkness. If you don’t own their books you are missing out.
- Follow up to the last point, BUY THE FORGE WORLD BOOKS THEY ARE OUTSTANDING AND WORTH EVERY DIME OR PENCE (for my English friends).
- The sales of the box will dictate what will be released next, how it will be released and when it will be released. ONCE AGAIN, IF THESE SITES SAY THEY KNOW WHAT IS COMING OUT, THEY’RE LYING.

Contents of the Box:
30x Tactical marines MK IV ONLY!
5x Cataphractii Terminators
1x Contemptor with Lascannon and CCW (FW Contemptor arms are interchangeable with the new plastics)
1x Praetor
1x Chaplain

The game box will be the only way to get the models for the initial release. The more you buy the faster the minis will come out in squad form.

PS. If I seem salty, I am. I’m tired of these sites playing with your hobby emotions and it pisses me off!

Don’t hate the media, become the media!
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in the comment he added that price is 150$ (around 130€ i think/hope)
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