There has been a lot of excited talk about the red Horus Heresy stripes that are going into GW stores. A lot of Lotr/Hobbit stuff is getting packed up, and some extra room is being made. This has a lot of speculations flying that the striping is for the new Horus Heresy game from GW. Well it is isnt. Instead its for Horus Heresy books from the Black Library.

As for the rest of the year releases...... There are two weeks of red dates...... and then its all green for the rest of the year. Here is the latest.

via Sky Serpent on Faeit 212
Hi, just thought I'd let you know that the weekend after is a red date too, don't know if that has been mentioned, Tau are all orange and everything after the two red weekends is green for the rest of the year.

Also the Horus Heresy stripping that stores have just got in that some people are going nuts for is for the books to give them more of a presence in the store, that same stripping may well be used for the anticipated release of course.

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