Today Games Workshop released to pre-orders the individual Tau Tidewall segments and a new formation that includes the Tau Tidewall. The Tau Tidewall is really a beautiful model, and gives us some insight that we might get some new xenos fortifications in the future.

However, once again we are getting a limited rule set only available through the purchase of an expensive GW Bundle (without downloading, scanning, or copying from somewhere). It's one of those jabs to the ribs when a game company makes rules only available people wanting to purchase these large bundles.

Its not just the expense of this that does not make sense (for a single rulesheet), its the fact that it hurts other Tau Players who already have the models, are already purchasing a lot of other models etc. Then once gone, since it says it is limited and exclusive..... the official rules for the formation are unavailable.

Here is what we want....... All the rules in one place for an army. I don't play Tau, so Im not invested in this.... but I know my army is coming. When it does come, I want all the rules and possibilities to field them.

Tidewall Counterstrike Cadre £274
This awesome bundle contains a huge collection of Tau Empire power! You’ll receive a Pathfinder Team, a Strike Team. two Breacher Teams - forty warriors in total, with seven drones and two DS8 support turrets - two Tidewall Gunrigs, two Tidewall Shieldlines and a Tidewall Droneports! This imposing mobile defence line comes complete with exclusive rules*, and is limited to a mere 100!

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