There is a good deal of information coming out of Forgeworld's Open Day, and quite a bit that is worth checking into. Here are a couple more reports from the event.

via Penddraig on Heresy 30k
Here`s a short summary of what I picked up today.  I`ll probably put up a longer report over the next coupe of days like normal but in the meantime:

  • Book 6 is delayed.  Expected in the new year, most likely February.
  • Horus Heresy Masterclass Book is ready for the printers, expected around February again.
  • Horus Heresy Weekender is broadly scheduled for early February (spot a pattern?)
  • As people have mentioned all Legions will have one new RoW.  BA, DA, WS all having 2 RoW to make up for their lack so far.  There will also be 6 other generic RoW`s.
  • There is planned to be a reworking of the CAL red book at "some point in the future" to bring in line all the extra Legion vehicles / troops that have (will) appear.
  • A re-look at the first four Legions elite troops (not Legion Special Rules) as some recognition that they are not as powerful as the later Legions (Justearin were mentioned specifically).
  • Some of this rebalancing will be through the new RoW`s - Emperors Children for example will have a RoW that makes Kakopohonie (sp) troops and grants them Relentless.
  • Other RoW will reflect tactics on the road to Terra.  SoH RoW for example amongst other things grants all SoH weapons Master-Crafted on the first turn to reflect greater supply than other Legions due to Horus` influence.
  • New missions in Book 6 reflect "dirty wars" happening behind the lines.  Legions with personal grudges settling them in the traditional manner; different objectives and VP`s earnt compared to normal missions.
  • Knights Errant can be customisable  so you can create your own.  However, any army with a Knights Errant has specific victory conditions that if the KE does not complete, your army may only draw!
  • They made a mistake in the Age of Darkness missions:  the rule that if you have no models on the table at any point is an auto lose should be the same as the main rule book not as written in the mission brief - this will be amended to fit the main rules.
  • The Stormbird is still being worked on.  Its huge and turned into a nightmare.
  • New Dark Mechanicum knight house in Book 6.  The colour scheme is as per the new knight released on Friday and looks very pretty.  May well have decals released in the future.
  • The new brass sets for the Iron Warriors and Night Lords have a stencil built in for the chevrons for the IW and the lightning and Nostroman writing for the NL.  This will be a new feature of the brass sheets going forward.
  • There has already been lots of information about the Leviathan Siege dreadnaught.  Suffice to say, its a dreadnaught with quad autocannon and twin volkite calivers - what`s not to like?
  • One primarch is being sculpted and another is in the demo process - no confirmation on which ones.
  • Magnus will not be larger than the other primarchs so that he fits into the range easier.  Simon is having a nightmare thinking of how to sculpt with Magnus because of his eye and the horns on the armour.
  • There are currently no plans to develop the Solar Auxilia further than the moment other than to finish the range with the medicae and the special character.
  • There are also no plans to develop a Red Book for the combined Solar Auxilia, Warp Cult / Imperial Militia and Knight House but this wasn`t ruled out if the range expanded.
  • There was also some 40k bits but I`ll put those up into a more details write-up (maybe).

via Garro on Heresy 30k
two new artworks
little note on the two new HH books, the garro one is an actual full length novel!

Question: Was there any info regarding units missing miniatures? Specifically the Mechanicum Ursax along with the new battle-automatas like Domitar, etc

asked about them, apparently the FW team have started them several times, but were never happy with them, problem with the chest gun and getting it to look good, so FW have for the time given up on trying them, they'll come back to it once someone gets a good idea, but it won't be any time soon.

the new book 6 battle automata has just started concept work, no mention of the others, but their was no mention of the warlord titan until it was finished and painted. 

and for people wondering about transfer sheets, looks like theyre holding them back for the few weeks after the plastics drop, as they'll be good 'complementary' releases rather than competing with. but at the same time, FW doesn't want to over do it with the releases, so only expect 1-2 at a time alongside other 'miniature' releases, but most should be out by christmas. 

The Back end of the Leviathan Dreadnought
via a reader on Faeit 212
Nobody seemed to photograph this much, and sadly this was the best I got.‏


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