A gaming mat is a great purchase for a tabletop gamer like yourself, if your not, your in the wrong place. Which one to get can take a great deal of research, searching, and guesswork. Luckily for us Grot Orderly has done an extensive test of several game mats.

the pic above is one that I have personally.

The Game Mat Companies in the review are
Wargames Mat
Micro Art Studio
Playmats. EU
UMZ Urbanmatz
Frontline Gaming

One thing before you do watch the video........Do Not Under any circumstances click on any of the mat icons right away to see what Karol does when left alone in front of the camera.

A Huge thanks to Grot Orderly for doing this. Great information and fun to watch. Ive watched a couple of them now, and will be watching the others later today. To to the link to watch them, and see what Grot Orderly has to say about the mat testing.

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