The codex update is now shown in English, so that we can't really deny it's happening. I think in the long run this type of release will be a good thing. As the turn arounds for new army material gets shorter, a codex update, or campaign release for new models can be a good way to do things. However, I still hope that some codices will still see a complete makeover.

This link is from the comment section. thanks Evilazza for posting.

There is also this translation that was listed by Mauler for the Burning Dawn
**Rough** translations of the Burning Dawn SRs:

Master of Beckoning: Once per game Aun'Do can use Invocation to choose two elemental powers instead of one.
Infiltration Cadre: All units in this Formation have the Scout USR. Units that already have the Scout USR gain Infiltrate instead.

Tireless Hunter (Piranha):
+1BS (BS4)
Supporting Fire (Gun Drones only)

Pathfinder Team Aurora:
Relentless (Shas'ui Starshroud only) - ((only really benefits firing the markerlight while moving?))
FNP? (Shas'ui Starshroud only)
Bonding Knife Ritual? (mentions ICs so may not be)
Supporting Fire

Stealth Team Shadows Flood(?)
Precision Shots
Same Bonding Knife Ritual(?) as above
Supporting Fire

Exemplar of the Selfless Cause
Invocation Of The Elements

Homing Beacon
Hover Drone (not slowed by terrain when moving & charging, may move over intervening models and terrain but may not end movement upon either and automatically passes dangerous terrain tests).

I see the Markerlight rules for ignoring cover still has a cost of 2 tokens which, even as a Tau player, makes me a sad panda - the old 1 token removes 1 point of cover save was far more reasonable. :(
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