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The club I go to has been bitten by the 30k bug hard in the last couple of months.  Ever since I read the Night Lords trilogy I’ve always wanted a 30k NL army and when I read the Terror Assault RoW I had guidelines to stick to.  With that in mind, especially as to the scavenger like nature of the claws the ongoing output into the FOC is a mish-mash of armour types and weapons.  I’ve used almost everything from old metal rogue trader marines, FW armour kits, CSM kits and vanilla marine kits. The end result actually seems to work.

The army is now up to 4k and growing!  Hopefully I’ll be able to max out contemptor and normal dread slots, the only ? I have are over my remaining FA and EC slots.  I’m thinking more scimitars and either cataphractii or destroyer squad.  Input is appreciated!

Currently there is:
Praetor with bodyguard, Legion Champ on jetbike, soon to be joined by Sevatar

Terminators, contemptor (1), dreads (2)

Terror squads (3 (one has dreadclaw)), melta support, rotor cannon support, WiP 20 man assault squad

Night raptors, outriders



Any ideas where to go next with these guys before the looming DG project starts would be awesome!


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